Beyond the Wall of Sleep #1: LOGAN thoughts and more.

        Firstly, I feel as though this post probably should start off with an Explanation. This is my (Tyler's) first non-audio post. More importantly, it is also the first non-horror movie related post. When it finally sank in that Danny and I really did have this going, that this podcast was real and not just us talking about something that would be cool to do, it dawned on us that part of that meant that we had our own website/blog/media platform to continue to talk about what we love in multiple ways. Now, Fried Squirms came together because of a love of horror movies, and to that end this site will tend to primarily focus on that. However, we both love media beyond the (wide) constraints of that genre and might want to talk about that as well. So when inspiration or the like hits, you may see us turn to this to talk about it. Beyond the Wall of Sleep will be my 'column' for off-horror reviews and musings. Soon I'll also come up with a name for when I keep it within horror as well because at least one of those posts is already planned..... (From our conversations I'm currently assuming that you can also expect to see similar things from Danny in the future)

       With that out of the way, GO SEE LOGAN. Well, at least do so if you want to see one of the finest comic book movies yet. That term may deter some, so let me reassure you that this isn't Iron Man. This isn't watching another radioactive spider bite, gunshot in Crime Alley, or other origin moment all over again. It's not a CGI horrorshow like Green Lantern. It's also not Doctor Strange, The Dark Knight, or (Insert other "good" one here based on preference). And despite being R-rated, it's also not Deadpool. Instead it's an ultra-brutal, bleak, modern Western that happens to star a character that originated in the panels of funny books and is best known for having knives coming out of his knuckles. It also a movie with heart. Heart that is shown in many ways. Details take a backseat to the story being told, exposition left to only the pertinent details of their immediate situation and then room is given for the characters themselves to shine through the adversity. The returning actors give their best performances of the franchise, heartbreaking in their humanness. Newcomers absolutely slay. The score haunts. And finally, for as many movies as we've gotten that have a character known for knives coming out of his knuckles, blood and limbs fly. 

I Cried

So did 2/3rds of the audience in the theater

       I want my little sister to be X-23 for Halloween. I'm not sure if I've ever enjoyed a child's part in a movie more. Haunted, determined, caring. Deadly. Dafne Keen blows this role out of the water and I'm already excited for absolutely ANY X-23 project they announce for her in the future. And more personally, they don't go enough into the genetics and cloning process and whatnot to say it 100%, but she's pretty much Mexican-American. Never really appreciated how much representation means until I finally started seeing it more and more in recent years, but that touched a spot in me as well.

       As far as touching a spot in me goes, I've been waiting for this movie since before it was announced. 2/3rds of the good comic-based cartoons when I was growing up were Marvel. They laid down a foundation that showed me how much I could love characters with these powers and personalities and from that medium. Of course since then I've taken that across the aisle with most of my favorite characters and stories being either DC or other. Except one. The one comic I have recommended, and loaned out, more than any other hands down is Old Man Logan. For others familiar with the story you'll see it glimmer through in this movie in more ways than the obvious. My big hope is that those that love the original Millar comic aren't disappointed that this isn't the straight across adaptation we dreamed of. I hope they can see the web of beauty spun with threads from Millar's Old Man Logan, threads from Jeff Lemire's continued work with the character, from various westerns (one directly referenced in the film), and Jeff Mangold's own (apparently wonderful) vision.

       Hugh Jackman has been Wolverine since 2000 ('99 if you count when filming started). Patrick Stewart as Professor X has been around for the same. In 2000 I was 13 and completely blown away that I was getting to see these characters on the big screen at all. Those two stood out from all the others even then as truly lovable versions of these characters. This movie made me no longer sad that they are leaving, instead it was a gift of the perfect goodbye.



       Eventually Wolverine will be rebooted. I hope in the short term they go the way of the comics and that X-23 will take up the mantle. It's too popular a character though. I don't envy any actor who takes over that role after Jackman put so much time, energy, and love into it. When it happens though there are things that I personally would like to see, and maybe I'm giving myself too much credit, but i think they are things that could help reduce the comparisons too. Hugh is around a foot taller than Wolvie is supposed to be in the comics. Now, you don't have to find someone quite that short, but a middle ground combined with both heavier muscle and hair would be nice. A scarier gruffness rather than mean gruffness if that makes sense. And maybe subtle things, I'd personally choose to try to act more and more predator-y as tensions rose in situations. Show him with weight. Muscular body + Metal coated skeleton means that he might be pushing 400+ lbs if you were to actually put him on a scale. this can be played for both laughs and brutality. and work with a fight choreographer very very very intensely to find a style that's perfectly Wolvie. Sit back hard and ask, how do you fight when you have been samurai-trained, only have to worry about defending your mobility and senses, and can potentially throw super strength and weight behind every hit? What does it look like when that breaks down into a feral berserker rage? I can't wait to see whatever they throw at us regardless.